AEC (Academic Economic Congress) Malta

AEC (Academic Economic Congress) Malta

AEC – an event that presents and awards Learning Organisations for innovation, efforts and special achievements in the field of knowledge. It is a unique and first of its kind congress organised by Life Learning Academia and held once a year usually in June or July.

Academic Economic Congress (AEC) is one of the leading international events.

Thursday 1st July 2021 will mark AEC being held in Malta. All Learning Organisations going through the Learning Brand certification system shall be awarded.

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AEC 2020 – How with a sustainable path to the future 5.0


AEC 2019 – Creating Interventions and Discussing Jobs of the Future


AEC 2018 – What to take from the past


AEC 2017 – Effects of new Technologies and Knowledge in organisation


AEC 2016 – The Effects of Knowledge Transfer and Connection


AEC 2015 – Living room for presentation and transfer of knowledge


AEC 2014 – The first Academic Economic Congress