About Us

Life Learning Academia Malta (LLAM) is owned and led by Justine Cassar Gaspar. Since 2011 Justine has been working as a co-ordinator and co-operator for Professor Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist, author and inventor. Father of Lateral Thinking and brain training pioneer. She has facilitated the set up of the ‘Palace Of New Thinking’ , a global platform that uses Dr. Edward de Bono’s techniques to generate new ideas on global issues. Justine has built a Global network and has acquired advanced skills in co-operating with networks of different countries including MENA region. 

Justine is a co-operator, supporter and facilitator for National and Global NGO and Charity projects. She is a certified Learning Professional and has created national economic projects one of which; mentorship and teaching working skills to children with special needs supported by the Presidential Office of the Republic of Malta. In December 2020 Justine Cassar Gaspar became a board member of the European Association for Political Consultants (EAPC). In May 2021 she accepted a Polaris Award representing the ‘Palace Of New Thinking’ conference ‘Alternative Approaches for Global Management of the Covid-19 crisis’. She has been appointed SME Councillor for the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) in Malta. In May 2022 became Chairperson to EAPC Academy – an academy that fosters democracy through education.

Life Learning Academia Malta is growing into a large and well-supported network. It is supported by Malta Ministry for Education, Malta Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Experts, Entrepreneurs and Global Universities. It has the honor of requests for co-operation on National Corporate projects and is well respected by large corporations such as ENI Oil. Currently, Life Learning Academia Malta is co-operating with Universities in Scotland and USA offering managers and executives the first ever COLP (Certified Organizational Learning Professional) Diploma and MsC Degrees in the very current business specializations of Organisational Learning and Sustainability.  It also co-operates on programs with Harvard Business Publishing Education.

Life Learning Academia Malta thrives to be at the forefront of organisational learning to lead organisations towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and equip the people with skills for the ‘future of business’.