About Us

Life Learning Academia Malta is owned and led by Justine Cassar Gaspar. Since 2011 Justine has been working as a co-ordinator and co-operator for Professor Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist, author and inventor. Father of Lateral Thinking and brain training pioneer. Justine has built a Global network and has acquired advanced skills in co-operating with networks of different countries including MENA region. 

Justine is a co-operator, supporter and facilitator for National and Global NGO and Charity projects. She has created national economic projects one of which; mentorship and teaching working skills to children with special needs supported by the Presidential Office of the Republic of Malta. In December 2020 Justine Cassar Gaspar became a board member of the European Association for Political Consultants, EAPC. In May 2021 she accepted a Polaris Award on behalf of the ‘Palace Of New Thinking’ project ‘Alternative Approaches for Global Management for Covid-19’. Recently she has been appointed SME Councillor for the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Malta WICCI.

Life Learning Academia Malta is growing into a large and well-supported network. It is supported by Malta Ministry for Education, Malta Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Experts and Entrepreneurs. It has the honor of requests for co-operation on National Corporate projects and is well respected by large corporations such as ENI Oil. Currently, Life Learning Academia Malta is co-operating with Universities in Scotland and USA to globally introduce and offer the first ever COLP (Certified Organisational Learning Professional) Diploma and COLP Masters Degree for corporates and executives.