Sustainable Transformation

Sustainable development is becoming a central theme for the most important global institutions and development policies. Successful companies integrate all aspects of this development into their business and organisation skills, which contributes to the development of the economy and the preservation and development of new jobs.



 Overview of the current situation: – getting a picture of where an organisation stands



 It is first necessary to make an analysis or recording of the current situation within the organisation. It is an indicator of its:

  •  Projects
  • Processes taking place and in which departments
  • Number of departments and employees
  • Generations of employees
  • Past and on going department trainings
  • Number of mentors and in which departments
  • On going mentoring programs
  • Transfer of Knowledge and how it is implemented
  • On going sustainable development strategies
  • Employment and education plans (internal and external training programs)
  • Motivation
  • Goals of the company

Based on the data obtained, we help the organisation identify the gaps that will need to be filled and further developed and only then can we begin to implement activities that are essential for its development or transformation.

 2. Identifying gaps based on review (meeting)  After reviewing the situation, we agree with the organization for a (personal or virtual meeting), where we define guidelines for continuing the work, as the designed modules can be adapted to the gaps that each organization has.    

3. Educational modules – Communication  In order for an organization to function, it needs orderly communication inside and outside the organization. Only when we talk to each other can we get to know each other, exchange expert opinions, and so on. Determine the course of communication – the choice of communication channels. the method of communication and the definition of who certain information is intended for, it makes sense to start with education on communication.  

Seminar – The course and methods of communication in the organisation  

The organization receives a questionnaire on how to communicate and has two trainings. Trainings and contents are determined according to which trainings on the topic of communication have already taken place in the past (in the last year) and those that will be most useful for the organization are selected.  Target group: department heads, management, employees  Seminars are chosen by the organization: All about communication, Nonverbal communication, Conflict communication, Sales communication, Communication with the media, Basics of etiquette and protocol.  Explanation: -The first training is intended for department heads, who get acquainted with the process of internal communication and, based on the acquired knowledge and information, also design it for their department. -Other education on the flow of information and inf. Channels are intended for employees in departments. -Third education – according to the needs of the organisation  trainings are planned.