Effects in Economy

Effects in Economy – Learning Organisations


Why do we need Learning organisations? 

Because companies need knowledge for their competitive advantage. All EU global guide lines for development are  focused on transmissing and exchanging knowledge.  This content is the first issue in many conferences around the world.

More and more organisations are realising that in future without learning and knowledge they will not be able to persist and function successfully. They will not to be successful. Knowledge is becoming obsolete faster than ever before and needs constant upgrading. People are definitively a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whatever the product is.

A company is only as good as the people it keeps
The prosperity of the world rests on the success of our workforce. Facing changing markets and growing competition at home and abroad, a company must attract the best talent to compete in the present and future. 
Only satisfied employees can fully invest themselves in their work in companies and carry out their work faster and better, which delivers better results, lower fluctuation and absenteeism. This means that only highly qualified and satisfied employees create a higher added value.

An increasing number of organisations are becoming aware of the fact that learning and knowledge are the ingredients without which organisations will not be able to work successfully and exist in the future. The answer to the question about the difference between the market and book value of successful organisations shows the importance of knowledge.

Knowledge is therefore what creates a competitive advantage and enables economic development, not only to an individual organisation, but to the entire economy of a country, between countries and around the world. 

The development of employees in an organisation also delivers a competitive advantage to such organisations.

Become a Learning Organisation through our certificate process called ‘Learning Brand’

Life Learning Academia Malta wants to present you with the Learning Brand® method as; where those who do not want simply to make money, but who want to make money by making people happy will find their place.

Learning Brand is an international certification method for organisations. Through the Learning Brand method organisations transform into Learning organisations and get certified. *Organisations – economic organisations and public organisations

Learning Brand is a method of work – very simple and useful for organisations. With the method we slowly establish important processes into organisations

– communication
– motivation
– creativity
– good teams
– good climate and culture
– ecology
– ethics
– humanitarian projects
– socially corporate responsibility

After use of the above processes, an organisation must know how to manage the knowledge their employees acquired. 

The whole method to implement these processes is guided by Life Learning Academia, which also issues the certificates. Guidance is done through forms sent to representatives of the organisations

Life Learning Academia MALTA will start with its certificate system for Learning Organisations on 25th October 2021 and second intake on 17th January 2022. 

All organisations , upon the successful completion of the Learning Brand method will receive a certificate to certify them as Learning Organisations. 

The certificates are awarded annually at the Academic Economic Congress (AEC) event. The event is every year in June or July.