COLP Diploma for Executives

Certified Organizational Learning Professional

Course Outline

The first and only professional Diploma in Organizational Learning. COLP is accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority and  Missouri State University.

Online live sessions over three months, two days a week – 2 hours a day.

Why join:
COLP ® is the outcome of a 20 years project lead by Professor Jeff Gold and Dr Alaa Garad. This world-class training will help you to
1. Discover your best methods of learning
2. Productize your knowledge and make income out of it
3. Enhance your employability and market brand
4. Contribute more effectively to your workplace.
5. Succeed in your startup if you decide to establish one
6. Cope with the life pressures and stress
7. Learn how to spend quality time with your beloved ones
8. Become healthier, wealthier and happier
9. Help organizations to realize their visions through learning #
10. Solve problems and achieve targets.

Learning outcomes:
1- Construct the growing importance and use of learning as a key element of sustainable organisational strategic planning and evaluate the features of individual, team and organisation-wide learning, which are of relevance to an organisation’s vision, mission and values. Manage alternatives and risks in the development and implementation of policies, strategies and plans, which will promote and realise people and organisation vision.2- Critically evaluate the key theories of organisational learning, learning organisations, and leaders and people involvement that support learning and business excellence.3- Assess the concepts and methods of organisational learning to defined individual, group and business/organisational contexts and evaluate their effectiveness.4- Appraise the value of promotion of an organisation’s commitment to and the benefits of learning to all its various stakeholders in the context of ethical global corporate responsibility, taking into account the effects of culture, diversity and inclusiveness in the strategic application of organisational, machine, group and individual learning concepts.

Structure of the diploma:
• Organisational Learning Diploma consists of four units (certificates).
• Each unit consists of three sections.
• Candidates can enrol in each unit separately however the diploma will be awarded only on the completion of the four units. The first unit (OLF01) is a pre-requisite for the following four units.
• Each unit upon completion will lead to a professional certificate.

Diploma Topics:

1. Organizational Learning Culture OLC
2. Types of Learning
3. Measuring Learning
4. Learning Through Reflection (RFL)
5. Learning Through Mentoring (MNT)
6. Cross-Training (CRT)
7. After Action Review (AARs)
8. Learning Circles (LCRs)
9. Problem Solving Teams (PSTs)
10. Benchmarking (BMK)
11. Suggestion Schemes (SUG)
12. Feedback Loops (FBL)
13. Developing Individual Learning Strategy
14. Developing Business Learning Strategy

Diploma Fees:
Reduced price for groups of 5 or more executives.
Contact for more details.

What you will get:
• COLP Curriculum Book (Arabic Version)
• Branded COLP workbook
• Online access to templates and case studies
• LDO Model Booklet
• Attendance certificate for the four units
• Diploma from Missouri State University on completion of the course requirements.

Learning leaders, looking to expand their impact on business performance and organizational results. The candidates’ responsibilities cover areas such as learning, talent management, human resources, HRD, quality and excellence, management development, organisational training, performance management, and learning technologies.

Entry Requirements:
1. Minimum 3 years of work experience in any field and reason for that is to be able to realise the workplace contexts and dynamics so applicants can relate the topics of the qualification.
2. University Degree in any field/subject.
3. Good command of English language.
4. Basic ICT skills.

Open book exam at the end of Unit 4.

0-49 Fail No award

Attendance Policy:
Candidates must attend at least 80% of the taught element in order to fulfil the accreditation criteria. Attendance roaster will be maintained.

Course Leaders:

Dr Alaa Garad,
Organizational Learning and Excellence Specialist
Author of the Learning-Driven Organizatin Model (LDO)

An award-winning executive and academic with extensive expertise in academia, general management, executive education, and business development with 20+ years of experience in designing, leading, implementing, and managing projects in various industries/sectors. Successful in creating, implementing and refining long-term strategy, focused on collaborative partnerships, performance management, and Human Capital. Acknowledged for programmes and processes development to improve efficiency, profitability, competitive positioning across all organisational levels. Alaa has led and managed a client portfolio of 43 organisations and assessed 450+ firms. He established and chaired two international conferences with overall attendees of 1300+. He is a member of the BSI Human Capital Technical Committee (HCS/1) and ISO Technical Committee of Human Resources TC/260. Alaa worked and engaged in assignments in 13 countries. A member of seven international and regional professional bodies and he is a trustee in five charities. Alaa is currently working as Course Leader and Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Portsmouth, the UK.

Professor Jeff Gold,
Professor in Organizational Learning and Futures Foresight
Co-Author of the Learning-Driven Organizatin Model (LDO)

Jeff Gold is Professor of Organisational Learning at York St John University and Leeds Beckett University. He is a strong advocate of the need for actionable knowledge that is rigorously developed but relevant for practice. He has designed and delivered a wide range of seminars, programmes and workshops on talent management and development, change, strategic learning, futures and foresight, management and leadership development with a particular emphasis on participation and distribution. He has worked closely with organisations such as Skipton Building Society, Hallmark Cards, the NHS, the Police Service, Leeds Bradford Boiler Company and a host of others.

Sonja Heumann
Learning and Development Specialist and Accredited Coach

Driven and experienced senior HR manager with master’s degree in business and focus on managing a team, talent development, recruiting and further education. Last position held at commercial enterprise for technical products and further processing. Self-employed consultant with a wide spectrum of experience in talent development, business coaching, training and change management process guidance. Broad range of of experience with proven successes in leading positions e.g. marketing and sales in renowned enterprises in the cosmetics/hygiene as well as textile/fashion industries. Amongst others as key account manager, area sales manager, national field sales manager, strategic brand manager. Successful in setting up new structures, pioneer tasks – e.g. new sales channels, new outlets, training courses, conception of new product lines and their market introductions. International experiences, e.g.setting up a new supplier base in the Far East. Goal-oriented manager, who connects her experience in both, marketing and sales, synergistically with successful people development.